Day 52: holding paws

Cocoa is visiting for a few days, so we figured we would try to gast a portrait of the two of them together. Easier said then done. the 2 of them are constantly in movement. We set up a tent in the living room and tried to pose them under the sleeping bag, but didn’t get anything useable. This one unfortunately doesn’t have them both in focus, but you use what you can.

4 thoughts on “Day 52: holding paws

    • This one was fairly straightforward in Camera, but I did go into lightroom and darken down the cushions and orange ball which they were lying on because they were very distracting.

      • Wow. Then perhaps it’s the effect of the fortuitous lighting that I’m seeing.
        Lol. Or maybe I’m just seeing things. But I love this photo as well as the one with just the black dog in similar lighting.

      • As to the lighting I did have a high left backlight with a blue gel, and a low one to the left with a warm gel to simulate moon and firelight, because we had them set up in a tent in the living room 🙂

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