days 80-83

Still falling behind in blog posting, but trying to keep up with the pictures them selves, here are the last 4 pictures:

day 80: an experiment which could have worked better, but that is what experiments are for, right? I took pictures out of the car window while Machelle drove up Westwood, then attempted to put them together as a pano. The viewpoint changes are far too extreme for a good pano, but it does make a sort of funhouse mirror version of the block in question.

day 81: We found a house in Pacific Palisades which was surrounded with these painted bricks, I assume to stabilize the hillside. They planted flowers in between that match the color scheme, nice!

day 82: Another house in the palisades, this one with a lovely backlit glass wall. It reminds me of Japanese prints for some reason.

day 83: My first Canyon of the season, Susan and I headed down Josephine creek for a quick afternoon jaunt. Lots of fun.

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