Catching up, days 73-79

Due to time constraints and the absence of a wireless signal in Death Valley, and an overabundance of photographs to process, I haven’t been able to post for a while. I do have pictures for each day though, and so here I am, playing catch up.

Day 73: Machelle and I went over to Ballona Creek and took some night pictures. I tried a bunch of angles, but the bridge was the best>

day 74: At work we take lunches Monday, Wednesday and Friday to play Ultimate. Usually I am too busy running myself ragged to take any pictures, but on Friday we had 2 full teams and 2 substitutes for each team so I had the opportunity to take a few pictures.

Friday night we took off for Death Valley. We camped at elevation, around 8000 feet, expecting snow, but it has been a dry winter there. Because of this the wildflowers we were hoping for never materialized and we had to make do with vistas and details. Guess which one this is:

Sunday we started at Dawn at Dante’s view then went to Zabriskie point. At this point we had had enough of the 100 degree heat and decided to do a little exploring in the Southern Sierra on the way home. We went into the mountains for a spectacular drive east of Lake Isabella, then head down to Mojave. The wind was blowing fiercely on the way down and looking out of the car we saw what at first appeared to be smoke. As we got closer we realized it was a dust/sandstorm burying a small community.

Monday was spent at work and plowing through the myriad of pictures we had for the weekend, so I didn’t actually get an opportunity to take a picture 😦 Anyhow, I added an incredibly charming picture of Tz in death valley for your enjoyment.

Tuesday night I noticed a public space overlooking the highway, which I hadn’t seen before. We went there and played around a bit.

Tonight I was still busy editing so we just went up the street to take pictures of some of the newly blooming flowers.


Anyhow, there you have it, all caught up.



day 72: foggy morning sun

The fog was still out this morning so I took this picture quickly on the way to work this morning. Unfortunately I was going away from the sun and was soon out of the fog so I didn’t get a good picture of the spectacular light show the sun shining through the fog was giving. I was also up late last night and had to pick up Machelle at the airport this evening so I didn’t really have time and energy to head out to get a different picture this evening, so what you see is what you get.

I had thought of using one of the other shots I got last night such as this one:


But that would be cheating 😉



day 71: a foggy night in Santa monica

Tonight after climbing at the gym, I headed down to Santa Monica Pier because there was a pretty good fog going. It was thick enough that out on the pier all the lights of LA were black. An unusual sight. I poked around a bit trying to get the picture I felt was there. This one was a 2 picture pano which I didn’t hold out much hope for, but boy was I wrong. When I saw it in photoshop I knew it would be the one for the night. Anyhow, here it is:

day 70: Making a Splash

Tonight I got to play with my newly acquired drip kit for the first time. I tried out a few camera angles and lighting setups, but I missed some of the shot I should have got so I will need to try again.

the best photos of week 10

Well, the 10th week of my 365 project is done and there are less the 300 days left. Woohoo! It continues to be difficult to find new subjects, to keep it fresh, and to elevate the quality of my pictures. I will do my utmost to keep it going as well as I possibly can. Anyhow, here are a sample of the best images from the week. Click through on the link below to see the whole gallery.

the Best photos of Week 10

day 69: someone needed a roll in the grass

Today we went for a walk in Kenneth Hahn state park with Taz. We played with ducks, and waded in the water, and chased the frisbee then rolled in the grass over and over again, and grazed like a cow. A good day.

Day 68: a Getty sunset

Saturday the Getty is open until 9:00 pm, which allows you to view the sunset from a gorgeous vantage. Unfortunately, the hills behind the Getty block the sunset, and there wer no clouds in the sky to give us anything exciting. Instead we took pictures of the architecture and people who were visiting at that point. Here is one of my favorites.

day 67: a burst of greenery

Friday night I was all set to do some water droplet pictures with my new drip kit, but due to technical difficulties it never happened. Instead I have a picture which I actually took Saturday when Machelle and I visited the Getty.

day 66: the lion sleeps tonight

Tonight it was raining in Culver city. We headed down to downtown and I took a bunch of hdr’s of light reflecting on the wet pavement. The picture I finally picked was not an HDR, and in fact was a mistake, but I liked the way it looks, so here it is.

day 65: the Emerald City

Tonight Machelle had the idea to go check out Grand Park in downtown LA. It had some spectacular fountains and lots of character and had many things to try to capture. We will need to go back and try again. In the meantime. I got a whole bunch of interesting shots, including this HDR panorama of the fountain.