Back in the saddle

Well, Wreck-it Ralph is done and playing in the theatres (you should all definitely go see it), and I can now get back to taking pictures and posting about them. In the months since I last posted I have worked many long hours, but I also did manage a few weekends out to play, resulting in a grand total of 7 new galleries posted at, most of them since I finished Ralph in September. When I got the chance, I generally headed outside, so many of these are canyoneering and climbing pictures, but stick with it and you will see I have had a chance to take some fall pictures and other stuff as well. In chronological order, here they are:

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Canyoneering 7 teacups, July 2012

In July we made our annual trip to the 7 teacups just off the north Kern River. We got 15 people to come and camp for the weekend and have fun leaping into cold pools of water and rappeling in the middle of waterfalls. We had a great time, and it was my last weekend for a while.

A Vivian Creek diversion

We did get the occasional day off in August, so I took the opportunity to go to one of the more local canyons, Vivian Creek. The water level was low, so the waterfalls were not spectacular, and the weather was warm, but all in all it was a nice way to spend a day.

Back at it, Canyoneering the Marble Fork of the Kaweah River, Sequoia National Park

Once the festivities at Disney were finally over, in late September, I got out to do a couple of canyons in the Sierra. First we did mud creek in Sequoia, and don’t seem to have posted the pictures from that one, but next we did the spectacular Marble fork of the Kaweah river. This drops in from high up the mountains, and drops fairly precipitously into the lower levels of Seqouia, featuring gleaming white marble walls for a section, and some spectacular rappels.

the Getty in the Fall

Once we had finished Ralph, we had a little time to recuperate and refresh ourselves, and we took the opportunity to visit a photography exhibition at the Getty Center. The garden was as spectacular as usual, and I took some tome to wander it with my friend Adrian, and get some pictures of the little autumn colour we actually get in southern California.

Sierra dawn

Needing to escape the city and do a little photography which didn’t involve canyoneering, Machelle and I headed up into the eastern Sierra. We camped off movie road in the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, and rose with the sun to grab what pictures we could. We then headed up to Bishop and took a steep 4 wheel drive journey up to the top of the White mountain at 12000 feet. Unfortunately Machelle got a little elevation sickness so we had to head back down, so we drove up to Mammoth to stay with Tim and Samantha. The next day we went into the Owen’s River Gorge for a little climbing then headed on back to Los Angeles, refreshed.

The Planes of Fame air museum

When Machelle’s parents came to visit for our 50th birthday party Dick and I decided to go to Chino to visit the Planes of Fame aeronautical museum. Here they have many planes from the entire history of flight, including fighter planes from a every war, racing planes, experimental planes, and many more.

Disneyland Halloween

The day after our Birthday party we drove down to Disneyland to check out the Halloween decorations. It was the first time I had seen the seasonal decorations, and it was pretty spectacular.

Yosemite in the fall

And finally we managed to escape up to Yosemite for a little climbing, camping , and hiking. We were planning to canyoneer down Tenaya creek, but the car shuttle became untenable because of snow in Tuolomne, so instead we decided to just enjoy the valley. We did some easy climbing on the five and dime wall on Saturday, enjoyed wine and cheese Saturday night and did a short hike to mirror lake (which wasn’t there because of low water levels). On the hike we discovered a wonderful rock garden where people had built hundreds of Inuksuks. We took the time to build our own rock sculpture, then continued with our hike. After the hike we shelled out for brunch at the Ahwanee hotel, and drove back very happy.

Well, if you are still with me thanks for sticking it out this far. I hope you have enjoyed the pictures.



4 thoughts on “Back in the saddle

  1. Good to hear you are still making time to get out! That one photo of your foot on the edge of the waterfall is one of my favorite canyoneering photos I’ve seen. It really captures the thrill of standing on the edge about to rappel down a waterfall!

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