All the missing days 94-112 (excluding 98)

My postings have been sadly lacking lately, but I will try to do better. Here are the missing pictures between day 94 and today. The last 5 pictures were taken with my new Compact System Camera, the Sony NEX 7. I am still working on learning it, but it is small and light and will be a lot easier to carry on hikes and climbing.

day 94: westwood central

day 95: the fountain

day 96: patterns

day 97: palisades sunset

day 99: heading into the subway, Zion National Park

day 100: looking into pine creek, Zion National Park

day 101: its a long way down, Zion National Park

day 102: the last rappel, subway, Zion National Park

day 103: the eye

day 104: peekaboo, subway, Zion National Park

day 105: pebbles, the narrows, Zion National Park

day 106: looking down the canyon

day 107: around the bend

day 108: testing the new nex 7

day 109: dogromat

day 110: cycLAvia

day 111: the road to Culver

day 112 my favorite run


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