My best 10 pictures of 2013

Once again it is the time of year when I go through the mountains of pictures I took in the last year and narrow them down to 10. I managed to keep my  365 project going for around 140 days before work got in the way and that provided a lot of interesting images. As for the rest travel and fun took care of those.

Anyhow without further delay here they are:

A pelican diving for dinner at sunset in Playa del Rey

Powerplant in the fog, Manhattan Beach

Bishop, CA at sunset from the white mountains

The touch, Victorville, CA

Santa Monica Pier in a fog

The Jump, North Fork King’s River, CA

the grain silo, Collingwood, Ontario

icicles, Collingwood, Ontario

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Antelope Canyon, AZ


I hope everyone had a great 2013 and will have an even better 2014.




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