would you jump off a mountain …?

In late august 2008 I spent a weekend in the Sierras near Mt Whitney, this was from the second day:

This is a continuation of my weekend in the Sierra. On the second day I headed up to horseshoe meadows, which is at 10500 feet above Lone Pine. My friend Terry Jackson has told me many stories about when he used to hang glide. They would launch from this road and he would glide for more then a hundred miles, catching thermals and going from peak to peak up the sierra before crossing the Owen’s River Valley to the White mountains and continuing up that range to land somewhere in Nevada. I was curious to see the launching point, and besides its easier to drive to 10000 feet then hike it as I had the day before so off I went. When you top out on the road it drives onto a large plateau, drained by Cottonwood Creek. Many hikes start in the Campground up here, and I’ll  have to come back to try some of them. Anyhow I followed the creek a bit and took some pictures, then headed back to the launch point on the road. I helped a hang glider launch from there, which was very cool, then headed back down the mountain, through the Alabama hills and back down the Highway to LA. All in all a very relaxing weekend. Here are the pictures from the Horseshoe Meadow drive.



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